tech challenge teensOur communities have a lot of issues that there does not seem to be an easy solution for. To improve the community that we live in; we must all work together. For that reason, there are some areas that put the biggest problems into our children’s hands. It encourages our children to take notice of the problems and work together to try to come up with a solution. By doing this; the areas that are struggling with violence in the community, homelessness, substance abuse, and more may be able to find a viable solution as children grow up. It brings awareness of the issues, while offering potentially viable ways to make positive changes.

About the Programs

Kids tackle tech challengesSome local schools host what is known as the Generation Civic Tech Challenge. It began as an idea in the Greater Boston area. It is a non-profit organization. During the Tech Challenge, there were several students who partnered with technologists to take part in a day-long hack-a-thon. These students in middle school, tackle problems within the community and create all types of data visualizations that show their ideas for how to solve them. Their innovations are then presented in front of an event honoree, a judge panel, and the host committee. For most, it is considered a very inspiring and powerful event.

Why Kids Should Find Solutions

tech challengeOur children today will be the ones leading our community in the future. It may seem like a lot for them to start trying to find a way to solve major issues, but it is effective. It opens their eyes and provides a fresh outlook for the community about what our children see as major issues. Often, kids have a unique perspective on things. This program encourages them to explore their ideas fully and perhaps to put it to good use once they have. They may see the local homelessness as the major problem and try to come up with ways to help people get off the streets. They may feel that crimes or violence is the major problem within their society and try to find ways for people to feel safer when they walk out of their doors each day. It is enlightening to have fresh eyes looking at and attempting to solve all the issues that plague us each day.

Look Around You

What do you see as the issues that your community has to deal with each day? Are kids getting drugs and alcohol easily? Are there a lot of muggings and other things going on? Now, ask your teenager what they feel your area has the most problems with. Ask them what they feel should be done to improve the community. Their responses may surprise you. Programs like the Generation Civic Tech Challenge is designed to spark their young minds and bring out the full potential of our youth so that they can work toward making positive changes in the future. Can you think of a better way to start changing the world for your grandchildren and great grand-kids?